Why do you need a marketing strategy? A question we often get asked.

A good marketing strategy will help you identify your best, most profitable customers, understands their needs and then implement marketing methods to keep those customers working hard for you. But don’t forget that you will still need some new customers as well as keeping your current, we will work with you to develop a sales strategy

We don’t stop there, if you need support with any other aspects of your business from project and account management to business development support. Whatever you need, we can help.

Get something you can own

With MBH you won’t just get a good strategy, you’ll get a great one. We won’t just help you find your best customers and market to them, we’ll work with your entire audience and help you create targeted marketing campaigns that keep your customers engaged and always wanting more.

All the required tools

What we want to do is give you the tools and support to grow the income from your current customer base as well as understanding where the opportunities are to acquire new customers at a relatively low risk and low cost. All of our campaigns are targeted, measured and reviewed weekly to ensure you get the best possible results for your money.

Business Support Services

Need more than a strategy? Don’t worry we are here to help, we can offer help and support to business on a wide range of services including business development support, account management, project managements or marketing planning support. Whatever your business needs, we can nearly always help.

What we do


When we set out to write a strategy, the very first thing we always do is research. We like to really delve into your current customers and help you to understand if there are any gaps or missed opportunities.


As part of this market research, quite often we uncover potential new business opportunities, meaning you can expand the reach of your brand and increase ROI.


We don’t just wanted to create a marketing strategy and send you on your way, we want to become your partner, regularly reviewing it together and deciding what the best decisions are together for your business.


Everything we do starts with research, we will delve into your current customer base, and help you identify any gaps or missed opportunities. We’ll then develop campaigns to suit your current customer base and their look-a-likes growing and expanding your reach.


Once we have identified where your opportunities are it’s time to put all of the planning into action. This is where you can take over and implement the campaigns, but don’t worry if you need a helping hand we are always here to support!

Analyse and Evaluate

Once your strategy is written and implemented, it will need to be continually reviewed to ensure it is still delivering to meet your business objectives. Constant monitoring and evaluation of your strategy is essential.

Do you want to get more from your business?

Having an effective strategy or extended team can massively help you increase your ROI.

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