Reaching Your Audience Directly

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is the art of driving relevant traffic to your website, for a fee, from search engine results pages (SERPs). We use your keywords to create bespoke, targeted adverts, which will deliver an immediate increase in traffic to your website whilst maximising your agreed budget.

In-Depth Keyword Research

The first place we start is to conduct in-depth research to identify the keywords that will offer the best opportunities for your business. We will produce a recommendations report that is focused around driving high intent customers to your website, which in turn will improve conversion rates. We constantly review your ad campaign to ensure the best results are always delivered.

Make your brand stand out

PPC adverts only offer 100 characters, so ensuring you nail the messaging is key.

We craft professional text for your PPC advert, to ensure it grabs attention and stands out from your competitors and doesn’t just read as a list of keywords. We know adverts like that don’t engage or get the results you want.

PPC Remarketing

By targeting visitors who have previously interacted with your website but not completed a goal, which could be a sale, contact form sign up etc., is an integral part of any PPC campaign. Remarketing, groups users with similar characteristics can be targeted with an advert online that is relevant to them, on a website that is relevant to your target audience.

What we do


We will explore and identify what your commercial goals are for carrying out a PPC campaign. We will work with you and your team to gather information on average order values, core business sales and agreed budget.

Keyword research

When we have an understanding of your business and the commercial reasons for a PPC campaign, we will conduct extensive keyword research. Understanding in detail what search terms your target audience are searching for, allows us to build


Once we have gathered as much information as possible, it’s time to put the PPC campaign strategy on paper. This is important so that you have a working document and understand how it fits as part of your wider digital marketing and marketing strategy.

Campaign build

Now we will build a campaign based on our keyword research, geographical considerations and display options. We will ensure that we maximise the budget available by adopting a strategy of exact, phrase and broad match keyword terms.

Constant Evaluation

Our continuing evaluation process is to ensure that we look at bid optimising and conversion tracking. This ensures that we monitor and get the best ROI for each campaign.

Campaign Streamlining

Whilst evaluating the campaign is the first step, actioning this is equally as important. That’s why once we identify any improvements, we make sure that we act on this in order to maximise your ROI at all times.

Do you want to pay to get your brand out there in the world?

Choosing a PPC campaign is a big step but will help improve brand awareness, engagement, conversion and most importantly ROI.

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