There are a lot of us on the wrong side of 25 saying; “Hang on, is Snapchat still a thing?”
Snapchat is only for teenagers that just-oh-my-god-love-Justin-so-much! Right? And we all know it’s the wrong Justin. (Team Trouser-snake over here). If you really think that Snapchat is just for millennials [yup, we hate that term too] you’re mad. It’s basically the most secure, safest, simplest way to communicate with friends, family and fans alike.

The absolute beauty of Snapchat? It disappears. Whilst many think photos should be saved, printed, displayed and treasured, Snapchat allows you to share a feeling a view or an expression that doesn’t need to be any of these. The key is that it’s shared not saved – by the bulk. 100million users per day across the globe are sharing a point in their lives in real-time.

The trick to making it work? Making sure it ends.

An athlete sharing their pre-race build up means nothing the day after the race. Once Cadbury Creme Eggs are announced in January, by Easter we’re bored of them… Every product, whether that be physical or emotional has an expiry date. Snapchat is for spur-of-the-moment, using it for offers and discount is great, knowing that they will self destruct in 24 hours or less means that users will always have the incentives to stay up-to-date with your company account.

So what if my audience aren’t teenagers?

Snapchat is one of the fastest growing social networks with over 400 million snaps per day, 71% of snapc
hats audience is between 18-34 and even that younger audience will grow up eventually.

Burberry Snapchat Ghost - Owned by Burberry
Burberry customising the Snapcat Ghost

For a long time Snapchat was considered the platform for horny teens to send nudes and be safe knowing no one else would see them, but then Burberry jumped on the snapchat bandwagon and proved that you can still retain high-end values and engage in a fun and young way with a new audience – they might not be the buyers of this years collection or even next years, but by playing the long game Burberry defining what it takes to be considered ‘modern’ with the classic burberry twist to a whole new generation – and starting it early.
What makes it different?

Ice Cream at the Park- sharing birthday moments with friends
Snapchat is the perfect partner of real-time social media marketing because it gives your audiences direct access to your events – adding filters, text emojis and of course that classic dog filer, Snapchat allows you to get closer to your audiences, giving them a distinctive and authentic view of your brand, Fashion brands have used snapchat to give their fans a sneak peak of run way looks before they get on the runway, anyone can use this, you can announce new stock via snapchat before it goes live in-store or online, you can snap sneak-peaks of behind the scenes work you do for your customers – how you make the perfect cake, how many cups of coffee your digital architect needs to complete the coding for your next big project, take your customers on a tour around your office and let them get to know your staff better.

Why use it?

I’ll keep this brief. Connect with your customers real-time. strengthen your relationships, build your followers. Excite your fans. Don’t worry if it goes wrong – it’ll be forgotten in 24 hours.