Helping you connect, influence, share and grow your brand all by simply telling your story.

Our team at Made by Halo knows all there is to know about the latest platforms and tactics and can leverage them to benefit your business. Our favourite thing is becoming an extension of your team, really getting to know you, your business and your goals. Doing this allows is to create the best strategy that will achieve results.

You’ve got to be in it

Conversations about your brand are happening online, whether you’re participating or not. We can help you leverage the most out of these conversations, using the positive discussions to your advantage and managing those that aren’t as favourable. Listening and engaging on social media is vital tactic to find out what drives your audience, so you can use this information to develop your business and deliver what customers – both new and existing – really want from your brand.

Give your brand a human touch

There is nothing worse on social media than getting bombarded with a stream of sales messages from what essentially becomes a broadcasting channel. We know that people want to interact with each other. Our team will learn your brand inside out and then as part of our planning will help you develop and distinct tone of voice, creating an engaging personality that resonates with you brand and your target audience.

Monitor, manage and evaluate your community

An effective social media strategy requires expert management of  all of your channels and proactive outreach to find new customers, leads and brand ambassadors. Clear goals and KPIs are also essential to a successful campaign, so growth, sentiment and engagement with your brand can be measured. We ensure that our work brings value to your business and that this can be measured.

What we do


We work with you to dig deep into your values and goals, once we know what you want to get from your social media and who you want to target, it’s time to start planning.


Now, planning isn’t everyone's cup-of-tea, luckily at Made by Halo we have someone who lives for planning. She will be on hand throughout our relationship to ensure nothing is missed.

Tone of Voice

As part of our planning and due to the insight we gain, we are able to produce a consistent tone of voice

Create and Engage

This is the creative and fun part for us, we get to create your unique and engaging content based on everything we have learnt about you, your target audience and your business.

Track and Measure

We believe data should drive everything we do, so we monitor your social analytics and provide reporting so you can understand exactly what is going on with your accounts.


We will continually evaluate the performance of your social feeds using the analytics data, amending and implementing as we go. Meaning you get the most out of your social accounts at all times

Do you want to get more from your social media?

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