Do you know what key messages you want to get across but have trouble getting them into a meaningful and engaging story?

Not to worry. Here at Made by Halo, we love to turn your key messages into engaging stories your target audience will love.

First impressions count

Whatever you do, your story needs to be genuine, consistent and told in such a way it will keep your audience coming back wanting more. Our team is experienced in the art of storytelling to build relationships and increase brand authority. You only have one opportunity to make a first impression, that’s why we know getting your website copy right, matters.

Finding Your personality

It’s easy for us to say have you identified your key messages, have you got a personality or what’s your tone of voice? Sometimes the biggest challenge is getting these nailed. We can work with you, using a range of techniques to really dig deep and uncover your brand values, key messages and persona. We can wrap this into a guide that can be used across your whole team, bringing consistency and character to everything you do.

Ensuring Accuracy

We have already mentioned that we know just how important that first online impression is, so we take great care when constructing copy for your digital platforms. Our copywriters are ticklers for spelling and believe grammar is important no matter what platform you’re communicating from, so you can be sure your written content will be accurate, every time. We also have a dedicated proofing team, just incase anything manages to slip through the cracks!

What we do


We will conduct research to make sure we fully understand you and what you do. We use a range of information from company info, academic work (journals), desk based research and most importantly talk to you.


Once we know you inside out, we are ready to collect any data we need to create the best content to help you achieve your business goals. We normally contact you, your team, your customers, identify any influencers and experts in your field. During this stage we will also identify any processes (which comes in handy later) around amends and sign off of content.


This is where the fun begins. We use everything we have learned to create the most accurate and engaging content that tells your story, engages with your target audiences and grow your brand presence, whilst at the same time bringing your brand to life. The key to our success here is working together with you throughout this entire process, essentially becoming an extra team member.


Once we have written the content, it is reviewed and then proofed internally before being sent to you for sign off. Now I mentioned earlier that process we would identify, here’s where that comes in handy. All business are different and have different levels of approvals, by addressing this in the planning stage it makes this process seamless.


Once the content is created and signed off, we will provide recommendations on when and how you should be sharing this content. If you want more than recommendations we can provide a content marketing strategy.

Analyse and Evaluate

We want to make sure you get the most out of every bit of content, so we use a range of analytics in order to track performance. With this we can then tweak messaging accordingly.

Do you want to get more from your website?

Effecting website content will engage customers, grow your influence, increase brand presence and most importantly improve your ROI?

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